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Maria Litichevska Born on November 14, 1983, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Studied at Kyiv Art School No. 8, where she became interested in sculpture since 1995. Graduated from the Kyiv industrial College. Faculty of Artistic Ceramics 1998-2002 Graduated from the Kyiv National Academy of Applied Arts and Design named after Mikhail Boychuk. Faculty of Artistic Ceramics 2002-2008 Since 2021 and currently a teacher art disciples at the Kyiv National College of Design and Technology Ceramic works were exhibited at exhibitions: 1996 «My World» /Ecology/. Art ceramics 2005 «New Generation» Gallery «Gonchary/Potterys» 2006 Joint student exhibition of Mykhailo Boychuk Kyiv State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design 2007 Art Exhibition at the Ukrainian National Museum of Books and Printing 2008 All-Ukrainian Art exhibition at the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art named after Kateryna Bilokur 2009 All-Ukrainian Art exhibition at the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, «Christmas» 2014 All-Ukrainian Art exhibition «The World of God as Easter». National Union of Artists of Ukraine. City of Dnipropetrovsk 2014 International Festival of Artistic Ceramics «TseGlynaAtr» 2014 International artistic women’s project. Gallery «TseGlynaArt» 2015 «Modern fire art of Ukraine». National Union of Artists of Ukraine 2015 All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition «Christmas». National Union of Artists of Ukraine 2016 International ecological and artistic project «Dialogue with nature» 2016 All-Ukrainian art exhibition of the decorative and applied art section in the «Artist» Gallery 2017 «Modern ceramics in the interior» in the «ClayArt» Gallery 2018 «Modern fire art of Ukraine» 2018 «Eternal Circle» in the «TseGlynaArt» Gallery 2018 «Breath of Fire» in the «TseGlynaArt» Gallery 2018 International Ceramics Raku Symposium «Kolo druziv». The city of Medzhibizh 2018 International Land Art Symposium «Art Camp». Dymerka 2019 International Ceramics Festival «Kumanets». Ukraine 2019 International Fire Sculpture Symposium «Scythus and I». The city of Nikopol 2019 International Ceramic Raku Symposium «Kolo druziv». 2019 International environmental Art project «Plastic Wood». Ukraine 2020 International environmental Art project «Mini garden in the interior» 2020 Ukrainian Art Project «Re: Creation» in the city of Thessaloniki. Greece 2020 «ZooZoom» International Art Ceramics Project. Kateryna Bilokur National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art. 2021 International Festival of Artistic Ceramics «TseglynaArt». Project «Cover» 2021 Organization of an international ceramic Master class with ceramics artist Alberto Bustos. Kyiv, Ukraine. 2021 Personal workshop-presentation of creative works at «Vyrobnyky Mriy Place» Kyiv Ukraine 2022 “Ukrainian Clay” exhibition of ceramics in MAR Gallery. City of Carmel California US

I am Maria Litichevska, professional artist, ceramist and art teacher. . My experience with ceramics is over 25 years. I graduated from art school, art college and art academy for 13 years. 14 years experience in group and individual lessons. I know how to work on a potter’s wheel, I teach academic sculpture and hand molding.

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